Can this app transform the way people approach typography?

New app lets general public explore impact of typography, design

Unless they're selecting wedding invitation designs or crafting business cards, many people don't pay too much attention to typographic choices in their daily lives. Sure, graphic designers and marketing professionals appreciate the impact of a heavy serif font versus an airier script, but for the most part consumer interactions with the visual elements of copy are unconscious. 

In a bid to help bridge this gap and enable more people to explore the wonders of typography, a team of developers has unveiled a new app that seamlessly transforms small notes (think a text or a Facebook outlet) into visually compelling examples of quality design. The program is called Notegraphy, and is equipped with several templates created by graphic designers.

"Type can reflect many emotions, but most of us rarely notice its profound impact," notes The Next Web in its coverage of the app. "Notegraphy then offers a number of different templates, referred to as Styles, to transform your text into a beautiful piece of typography."

There is a clear message behind this app: Every instance of text-based communication can be enhanced through thoughtful design. Given how much information is relayed through text messages, tweets, blog posts and other writing-based mediums, every day presents countless opportunities to explore the power of typography! 

Time will tell if this new app has an impact on social media platforms and other communication channels, and we certainly hope it does! For now, though, graphic designers can bring their typographic creations to life with high-quality card and paper stock from Reich Paper.