A new Swiss watch was inspired by the typeface Helvetica.

In stroke of branding genius, new Swiss watch showcases classic Swiss typeface

In a stroke of branding genius, a new watch by revered Swiss company Mondaine features the classic Swiss typeface, Helvetica. The watch's numbers are, of course, printed in a Helvetica font, but the timepiece's overall aesthetic was also inspired by the typeface's thin lines and generous spacing. 

Mondaine designer Martin Dreschel recently described to Fast Company the moment of inspiration when his team stumbled across an old advertisement for Helvetica, then called Neue Haas Grotesk.

"'Perfectly elaborated, well balanced, and tempered. Discreet, essential, soft and fluid, with a sophisticated, harmonious and logically structured shape, the type font for the daily needs of the modern printing plant,'" Dreschel tells the source the ad said. "We realized that when we replace the word 'font' with the word 'watch,' this exactly describes the core values of the Mondaine brand."

Executives, whether in the restaurant, hotel or retail industry, should take note of this example of brand perfectly dictating design. Whether you are launching a new product, menu, catalog or direct marketing campaign, remember that every design detail should reflect and reinforce your company's brand, therefore subtly strengthening its position in the minds of consumers. 

Equally as important as typeface is the paper on which your collateral is printed. High-quality brands necessitate high-quality, acid-free cotton paper such as Reich Paper's traditionally crafted Savoy series. Many Mondaine shoppers will not be able to identify the Helvetica font by name, and yet they will surely sense the aesthetic resonance of the watch's design. Similarly, your customers and clients may not be able to identify the particulars of your card stock, but they will recognize quality when they see and feel it.