The luxury beauty brand Sephora created memorable invitations.

How Sephora turned an envelope into an event

While those with less event planning experience may pay little credence to invitation design, these notifications actually bear a tremendous amount of significance. An invitation is a first impression – something that will give attendees a taste of things to come. Previously on this blog, we touched on some of the most extravagant invitations to make the rounds during New York Fashion Week. Given how many events are competing for attention at this time, it's no surprise that designers invested so much in these specialty paper products.

In that same vein, HowDesign magazine recently featured another striking invitation intended to draw the discerning eyes of New York's fashion editors. The luxury cosmetic brand Sephora reportedly recruited the masterminds at Hub Strategy to craft something memorable.

"The San Francisco agency worked with the beauty retailer to create over-sized 16×24-inch invitations to join VIB Rouge, an exclusive new membership tier within Sephora's recently refreshed Beauty Insider loyalty program," the source states.

As such, the invitation is an event in and of itself. The oversized black envelope features a handwritten name card and an alluring wax seal that is just begging to be broken. Within the envelope there lies a selection of cosmetic products and other gifts. 

"A number of editors grouped their new goodies around their names on the outside of the envelopes before snapping a picture to share with social media followers," HowDesign wrote of the response.

Are you looking for a way to make your next event stand out from the pack? Investing in the best invitation papers may help accomplish just that.