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Graphic designers: What to consider in a startup

Startups can present some unique opportunities for graphic designers who are either tired of the somewhat unstable nature of freelance work or stifled by the limitations of bigger agencies. However, ever burgeoning business has its own distinct culture, one which you must consider before agreeing to an in-house position.

Recently, The Next Web covered a few factors to consider if you're interviewing with a startup. If you're staunchly in the freelance camp, these concerns can also help determine whether to sign on with a client too!

First, take a look at what the business ultimately stands for. How closely does its official mission statement line up with your own views and priorities? Of course, we don't all have the luxury to turn down a job opportunity based on principle alone, but the fact is you will produce better work if you are inspired by the task at hand. Remember, each job you take on is also an avenue for professional growth and discovery, so you may want to avoid positions where you'll stay on autopilot.

On that note, the source adds that you should seek out a team that will foster your creativity and development as well.

"Just like great engineers attract other great engineers, the same is true with designers. As you talk to designers and engineers at a startup, do you feel inspired and confident that you can learn a ton from them? Do you see evidence that the founders invest in design and value it at the same level as engineering and business?" writes the online news outlet.

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