A QR code allows those who see your flyer to access event information on the web.

A quick guide to creating event flyers

Are you planning a concert, religious gathering, seminar or any other kind of special event? These days some event planners think it's possible to get away with doing all of their promotion online, but sometimes it's hard to tell how well such campaigns are engaging with crowds. Flyers allow you to reach audiences who may not be a part of your circles on social media, and they also allow you to focus on promoting in areas near the location of your event.

If you've never made an event flyer before or you want some advice on how to create one that is more effective at attracting guests, here are a few tips:

  • Deliver the right amount of information: If you crowd as much detail onto the flyer as possible, you risk overwhelming those who see it. Keep the information down to the basics. 
  • Include a QR code: This is a barcode that can be scanned by smartphones to connect the user to the website promoting your event. There are sites on the internet you can use to create them for free, such as GoQR.me.
  • Use high quality printing paper: No one is going to take your event seriously if you hand them a flyer on cheap, flimsy paper that you purchased at Wal-Mart. They're much more likely to actually look at it and absorb the information if you use heavier weight paper that feels more substantial.

For high quality paper, you'll need a supplier who can provide you with an extensive selection in terms of colors and textures. At Reich Paper, we have a number of styles of fine paper that are perfect for event flyers, so check out our website today for more details!